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Scott Alan Moffitt, The Actor's Dialect Coach
Scott Alan Moffitt, The Actor's Dialect Coach


Prepare a Dialect or Accent for an audition, master your character's voice for a role you've booked, add a dialect to your resume, or learn my method for teaching yourself dialects. I am licensed to work with young actors*. Private coaching is held via Zoom. 

All private coaching is conducted online via Zoom at a rate of $125 US per hour.


Learn my approach, specific dialects, or participate in accent modification in a group setting. Waitlists now forming.


While it's always better for actors to prepare the dialect before ever showing up to set, I can help make sure they're giving the best possible performance on set. My rate is negotiable to help fit the needs of any sized production. 



Don't have the time or budget for a coaching session? Book a "Dialect Review"! I will listen to your performance and send you detailed feedback.


Send your video/audio file via WeTransfer to and I will reply with feedback.


For "Dialect Review" I charge $30 per 3-minutes (or fraction thereof) of video/audio reviewed per individual audition, and an additional $10 for each additional minute. I guarantee a 24-hour turnaround or there's no charge!


Often called "Accent Reduction" or  "Accent Modification", I can help you reach your career goals by improving your General American Dialect. My goal is to help you see your natural voice as an asset, not a liability. Learn more on my F.A.Q.

Accent Modification is conducted online via Zoom at a rate of $125 US per hour.

I work with high school and junior high educators to incorporate dialects in the classroom. Whether you want to introduce your students to the IPA or work on a particular accent, I can work with you to design a curriculum that fits your needs.

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