Scott Alan Moffitt, The Actor's Dialect Coach


Prepare a Dialect or Accent for an audition, master your character's voice for a role you've booked, add a dialect to your resume, or learn my method for teaching yourself dialects. I am licensed to work with young actors*. Private coaching is held via Zoom. 

Private coaching is conducted via Zoom at a rate of $100/hr.


Learn my approach for self teaching dialects in a group classes. Classes are held via Zoom. Ages 14+

**No group classes are scheduled at this time.


While it's always better for actors to prepare the dialect before ever showing up to set, I can help make sure they're giving the best possible performance on set. My rate is negotiable to help fit the needs of any sized production. 


I work with high school and junior high educators to incorporate dialects in the classroom. Whether you want to introduce your students to the IPA or work on a particular accent, I can work with you to design a curriculum that fits your needs.


Don't have the time or budget for a coaching session? Book a "Dialect Review"! I will listen to your performance and send you detailed feedback.


Send your video/audio file via WeTransfer to and I will reply with feedback.


For "Dialect Review" I charge $30 per 3-minutes (or fraction thereof) of video/audio reviewed per individual audition, and an additional $10 for each additional minute. I guarantee a 24-hour turnaround or there's no charge!

Scott Alan Moffitt, The Actor's Dialect Coach


Often called "Accent Reduction" or  "Accent Modification", I can help you reach your career goals by improving your General American Dialect. My goal is to help you see your natural voice as an asset, not a liability. Learn more on my F.A.Q.

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