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for the working actor

Hear more about my approach to teaching dialects by listening to my interview with Bonnie Wallace on the Hometown to Hollywood Podcast!

The IPA is magic

Are you an actor interested in learning dialects? Have you been unable to learn through typical “mimicry” techniques? Perhaps you have a pretty good ear for picking up a dialect, but lack the ability to put what you're hearing into words?

I can help with that.

My approach to dialect coaching utilizes the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which is a series of symbols that represents all the sounds used in language that the vocal apparatus can make. For instance, in General American IPA the phrase “To be, or not to be, that is the question” would look like this:

/tu bi | ɔɚ̆ nɑt tu bi || ðæt ɪz ðə kwɛst͡ʃn̩/


This method helps actors to identify changes that are made when we switch from one dialect (our own) into another (our character’s). Eventually you will be able to pick any dialect you’d like to learn, apply the steps I will teach you towards that dialect, and be able to teach it to yourself. 


about me

I'm Scott Alan Moffitt, an actor and dialect coach, originally from Texas. After earning a BFA in Acting from TCU in Fort Worth, TX, I made the move to Los Angeles where I've been pursuing a career in film and television.

I've done funny voices all my life. In college, I figured out I might be able to put that to some good use when a new professor in my theater department introduced me to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). It was shocking to me that I was able to put the silly voices in my head into text -- it was even more shocking when I moved to LA and realized this approach is not something most film actors are familiar with. I aim to change that.

my philosophy

As an actor living and auditioning in Los Angeles, I know how stressful the industry can be. I've met so many actors who tell me about the anxiety they get when they have an audition requiring a dialect, or even in the decision to add a dialect to their resume.


My goal is to give actors the tools to analyze, criticize, and most importantly self-learn dialects and accents. Ultimately, I want to give actors their confidence back!

my approach

I teach actors the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and how to use it to teach themselves accents. It's a purely scientific approach that takes out the guess work.

In my group classes, we focus on learning the IPA, outlining my method to self-learning dialects, and drilling week-by-week with different accents.

In private coaching, I can help actors prepare for an upcoming audition or learn the same content as my classes on your schedule.

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