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Accent Modification

What Is It?

Accent Modification is the process of working towards a more neutral, region-less speaking voice. People seeking this service might speak English as a second language, or perhaps have a very strong regional dialect. I can help you achieve a more General American sound in your everyday life.

Sometimes people call this type of work "Accent Reduction", a term which I find demeaning -- I don't want to "reduce" any part of you, rather I want to teach you a new set of skills. Click here to read a blog post I wrote about it.


Why Do I Need It?

Let's be clear -- you probably don't need Accent Modification lessons. Some reasons you might want to seek this type of training include:

  • To achieve clear, effective communication when speaking English

  • To advance in your career

  • To better assimilate into your community


Regardless of your reasoning, underneath is likely a desire to fit in.

My number one goal, no matter the client, is to help them regain confidence in their speaking voice by learning to view their voice as an asset, not a liability.

How Does It Work?


We'll meet virtually on a recurring basis, typically once per week. I'll help you understand your own accent, how it differs from a General American dialect, and what steps you can take to modify your accent. My rate is $100 USD per hour, with a 20% discount if you pre-purchase 5 or more lessons.

As each person I work with is unique, I do not offer a one-sized-fits-all approach. Acquiring a new accent is a lengthy approach, akin to mastering a new instrument -- therefore most of the work you do will be outside of our time together, and I aim to give you the tools necessary to succeed independently. Our lessons will consist of ear training, mastering the vowels and consonants of American English, and learning the proper prosody (rhythm, stress, intonation, tone) of the accent.

Because of how individualized this process is, it's impossible to give you an estimate of how long the process will take. But I can tell you that most of my clients begin to notice results within a few months.

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