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Jason Dolley
Actor, Good Luck Charlie,
Cory in the House, Minutemen


The absolute best way to learn dialects. Scott's teaching method is like learning music theory for accents. It's an academic, mechanical skill that, when mastered, allows you the freedom to learn any dialect you need to. Cannot recommend highly enough.


I recently had a last minute audition for twelve pages of a French dialect (something I had never attempted before) and using what I learned from Scott, I was able to walk into the room with confidence and know that my dialect was spot on. Scott's class went above and beyond in making learning the IPA incredibly fun...whatever roles that may come my way, I am confident that Scott's training has given me the tools needed to nail it.

ciara riley wilson
Actor, Kim Possible (film), LA's Finest


casey mcsherry
Actor, Model

I loved studying with Scott! He is incredibly knowledgeable and treats the art of dialect work as a scholarly pursuit rather than a destination. His teaching technique employs a great combo of patience & pushing you out of your comfort zone, and he was very accommodating to my needs as someone with dyslexia. His one-on-one coaching sessions were always very fun with lots of room for being silly, messing up and getting back on the horse again. Can’t recommend him enough!


stephanie troyak
Actor, Greenhouse Academy

Scott is such a pro. After learning the IPA system with him in a time-efficient way, I've tackled over 7 accents with Scott. Using the resources & skills he has taught me, I would even have the confidence to turn around any accent overnight. Not only does he have an amazing ear and skill set, but he understands the nuances of every accent, as well as behaviors that helped me nail auditions. He's also a delightful person and actor. He's super supportive, and his database of resources is unmatched. Whether it's to coach quickly or to learn accents to have in the back pocket, Scott is my go to guy- I can't recommend him enough!


shaylaren hilton
Actor, Winning Time

Scott has helped me live out many of my dreams. For example: a British witch in Harry Potter, an Australian mermaid in H2O just add water, and a Russian assassin. With Scott I have been able to learn any dialect with the IPA WHICH IS SO UNDERRATED! I truly believe this skill has so many benefits one being you can get into character much more confidently and authentically. My classes with Scott have been some of my favorite memories in LA.


Scott Moffitt has been coaching our teenage son acting, accents and dialects for 2 years. His agency, AEFH, referred us to Scott, and we can't be happier. Because of Scott's IPA training, our son's auditions have nearly doubled for tv and film projects. It's amazing how many projects require all kinds of accents, from Southern to Russian to German. Scott helped our son put together a reel with 8 dialects the agency uses for submissions. He happily works around deadlines and coaches great self tape auditions. There was one Disney project that stands out that required an "Alien" dialect. Scott teaches that too! It's been a wonderful confidence booster and a skill our son has fun using in many of his auditions.

matthew garbacz
Actor (parent testimonial)


As an actor, accents are an integral part of creating a character. Scott teaches you a technical fail-proof way to hone in on ANY accent and be able to perform it without self doubt of "Is this right?" He teaches you the tools to do any accent authentically and you'll have a blast doing it! Not only does he care about your progress, but he's always available to help you if you have questions. I highly recommend Scott's dialect class, and if you're serious about your craft this is a MUST. A great investment that will pay off your entire career, I can't wait to bring what I learned in Scott's dialect class to set!


Dialects were always very difficult for me, but such an important aspect of character development. My view on it changed once I met Scott and he taught me the right way to use IPA. It has added a whole other professional layer to my acting, and helps me add depth to certain roles.


Scott's dialect training was organized and easy to follow. I not only learned useful tools, but I had so much fun. Scott has a way of making each class enjoyable and relaxed. After training with Scott I now feel comfortable with doing different dialects/accents and I have my own dialect reel that I use to submit with. I cannot recommend Scott enough!


My goal was to not sound so Canadian. Scott was quickly able to identify my shortcomings and was able to coach using the IPA and his well diverse knowledge of accents and language. I can happily say that I reached my goal and then some. Scott also coached me through many last minute auditions that required accents such as Greek, Irish, Boston -- you name it, we did it! My confidence grew and my bookings increased dramatically. Mission accomplished.

2022-05-25 16_33_49.852-0700-01.jpeg

I have had IPA and accent classes before but I didn't seem to fully understand what they were telling me. It sounded correct but I just couldn't get it. When I started working with Mr. all made sense. After a while, I had many "aha" moments...He made it easier for me to recognize my own sounds and tones in myself and other people. He never made me feel bad or uncomfortable. He gave me many outside resources that he made himself. And one thing I really love about his work is how he uses a vast variety of ways to get you where you want to be. He changes many until it works for you! He is not stuck in a one-size-fits all pattern that I have seen before...There came a point where he let me know we could meet less since I had all the tools to continue myself! He didn't try to keep me as many times as he could as a client, he always did what was best for me and my progress. I decided it worked better for me to see him every week because I know he won't lie to me when I work on myself or a project and I can trust him! You bet I am gonna want to work with him on set one day if he wants too! Literally there are not enough words to describe how much I recommend him! Working with him was one of the best professional decisions I ever made!


I had only a vague notion of the IPA before taking Scott’s class. Not only did I develop an improved understanding of what sounds are produced by different geographies, it helped me appreciate my own collection of sounds and unconscious inflections. Most importantly, I came away with a method or system to break down the sounds of any speaker and confidently apply them to a role. Scott exceeds his peers in drawing and focusing upon the vast amount of information on the subject and allows his student to quickly get to the key issues of utilizing the IPA. From Shakespeare to a Scottish Nanny, Scott will have you sounding authentic before you know it. In addition to getting a lot out of the class, I have enjoyed it and would recommend it to any actor looking to add accents to their range.


Before finding this class, I did a LOT of research in an effort to find some course where I could learn IPA. Unless you are enrolled in a university, there simply is a void in this market...I went to a top drama school, but Scott's approach to dialects is different. I feel this is a more technical approach to dialects than mimicry is, and it satisfies my own ned to feel like I've covered all my bases or done due dilligence in preparing for a role...This class is a hidden gem.


I've struggled with teaching myself dialects off and on for years using instructional CDs and was super confused as to what the IPA was or how to use it effectively. With Scott's a matter of days... I not only now know what the IPA is, how to use it, and even memorized it. I now FULLY understand how to teach myself ANY dialect I might want to add to my lil' ol' acting skill set.


Scott is an amazing coach and so fun to work with! His system covers all aspects of learning a new dialect; phonetics through the IPA, musicality/tonality, cultural "isms", and more. It’s helped me create much fuller, more accurate versions of the dialects I had previously been trying to learn by ear alone. Ultimately, working with Scott has given me the confidence to learn any dialect, make it my own, and (most importantly) bring it in to audition & performance situations.


Scott’s method is unmatched in the industry! Learning the IPA takes a little more effort, but well worth it in the long run. Being able to pick up most accents you’re asked to do is a very empowering method indeed! Scott is my go to accent coach for all my auditions that require it! He gets me up and running very quickly and is always very encouraging and honest.

chanté mccormick
Audiobook Narrator

Brooke Anne Smith
Actor, Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home

sean russel herman
Actor, The Have and the Have Nots

shannon ames
aka DJ Shortee



brad yanagida

Jason burkart
Actor, Once Upon a Time

trinity bliss
Actor, Avatar: The Way of Water, The Garcias

theoni bekiari
Actor (Accent Modification Client)

Brooke walter

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