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monthly accent workshops

These online workout classes are dedicated to help actors perfect targeted accents and dialects of English. Whether you're starting from scratch, or just need a little refresher, these workshops will help you make confident, grounded accent choices while performing.

You will be provided with an instructional accent tutorial video outlining the basics of the accent at least one week before the session. Then, you will prepare a monologue or scene to bring to class, where you will have the opportunity to perform multiple times and receive personalized feedback to help you master the accent.

Want something a little more casual? If you're not fully "performance" ready, just want to read and not memorize, or even just want to observe the workout, that's fine too--no matter where you're at on your dialect journey, you're more than welcome to join us!

Check back later to see what Accents will be announced for future months.


free accent tutorials

Free Accet Tutorials
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